Rest In Peace, Natani

“By the way, have you heard? Natani is missing!”

“Missing? What happened?”

“He came to the office on Thursday, left at 10, then…” Something interrupted the conversation. I don’t remember what. We were in the middle of a meeting when Rachel started telling me what happened, but something interrupted.

We went on with the meeting. It ended. I got home.

It was much later when I was online that I saw my former colleagues urging the public to help #FindNatani. A few hours later, the word was out – Natani was no more.

I froze! “Natani is dead!” As tears came down my face I said, “He called me last Saturday! I missed his call! I never called back!”

I wish I did call back. When I left HBR you asked if you could call me for advice or a few tips. I said “Yes! Any time!”. You called and I never called back! I wish I did!

Truth is I have no way of knowing what you were going to say. Also true is, we weren’t close. The fact that we weren’t close doesn’t make it hurt less.

The world has lost a great person. Natani was kind. He always had a smile on his face. He asked a lot of questions, and sometimes it was annoying, but he’s warm face would quickly kick the irritability out of you. He had talent, one could tell he was going somewhere; he was going to be someone! God had different plans though.

Rest in Peace, Natani.


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