Time To Do This Right

For the 100th Time – I’m Blogging Again!

Not again.jpg

I have chosen to revive my blog!! I know! I know! I’ve done this before… I said I’d do this, then went back on my word! I can’t even promise you that I’ll keep my word (I don’t owe you that much 😀 At least not yet!). This is for me. Previously, I chose to blog, just so that I could prove to people that I can say something interesting.

The more I thought about how interesting it should be for you to read, the more I doubted that anyone would care about this blog. And apparently, doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will (the words of Suzzy Kassem).Today, I admit to myself that I was very stupid! I was a fool for caring what people say (or don’t say).

So this blog, is not really about me trying to impress you. And no, it’s not another blog with TMI revelations. It’s about the best parts of me, leaving an imprint in our digital world. They say the internet never forgets… I’m ready to make quite the positive impression!

I have a few ideas in the works…

Expect posts about stuff I love to do in my free time: art, crafts, dance, music and every so often an honest thought.

Welcome to the Subtle Adventures of Sol!

If I don’t post anything two weeks after this is up, I owe you 50 bob.


Love Yourself Always,

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