A Quote a Day: Live Through Another’s Experience

First and foremost, MY APOLOGIES FOR THE SILENCE! (Okay, the caps was rude, but I really meant it for emphasis.) It has been too long! I had a creative block and just like most people tend to do I was getting comfortable with it! But here I am, once again.

So, on with today’s quote…

George R.R, Martin said in his book, A Dance With Dragons that “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”

I relate with this quote because I have been coming across books that opened my mind to unimaginable experiences. A book does things a movie will never be able to do… It makes you invest your whole mind, heart and all your emotion (at least if it’s a good read). As you read you picture the characters in your head… you give them faces. The character become more personal to you because as you pictured them and as the author shared with you their experience, you get to live in their shoes.

So I encourage you to pick a book today! You could learn things about yourself you never knew about! You just might live a whole other life, a perfect escape from the one life you know.


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