Mirror Mirror: The Stranger Within

Have you ever been in a bad place? Have you ever been on the verge of loosing your mind, feeling an urgent need to throw a huge fit? You feel like running, just running as fast as you can, to nowhere exactly. You want to run until you feel you’ve left it all behind you.

And then you think twice, because you realize the potential of the unknown. Your fear holds you back. Instead, you find yourself in front of a mirror. And you look at yourself, the parody being that you search but cannot find yourself. All you see is a stranger, a distressed intruder.

You looked and all you see is a broken mirror. The truth is that you choose to see a broken mirror because  the alternative would be to accept that you are broken. You try to think… no question comes to mind! You try to feel something else… but the bitterness overshadows all hope! So you try to feel nothing… but even numbness is a distant delusion.

As you look in the mirror, you look for every flaw, anything to justify your torment. These you find with ease. Then it finally hits you: you’re broken, you’re crumbling. Just as you clasp your blemishes, a tear drops. Just one tear to release the pain, just one tear to ease the burden.

In that tear you find a cure. In that tear you find your solace. As the tear drops, you drop a heavy burden. And then it’s over. The distressed intruder transforms into a sincere ally. You now look in the mirror and accept that it wasn’t broken at all. You see the best in you. You see your strengths. You see that even with your rough edges, you are flawless. With your flawlessness, you move on.


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