Day 211

343 days left. Where do I see myself on day 211 of oh-so-wondrous year 2014. Well, by day 211 I would have turned 23 (Oh my! Did I just reveal my age? Or didn’t I? ***evil grin***). At 23, what would I have done? What would I have achieved? Well, this would be the first time am thinking about my future aspirations with a specific date in mind.stockvault-calendar-agenda114527

On day 211, I will be happy I kept blogging. I would feel more opinionated and glad that I learnt to open up to strangers. I don’t usually share too much about myself with people I do not know. But here I am taking a huge step and posting stuff about myself that random strangers will come across! The madness of that!

By day 211, I would have discovered myself. I will know more about my passions and I will be happy that I am still indulging in the things I love. I will still be reading books, I will still play the piano, I will still draw and paint, I will still be a music-enthusiast, I will still love to dance – I would have found a place I can Salsa 🙂 – … I will still have time for the things that make me smile the most.

By Day 211, He and I will have grown to love each other even more than we already do. 3 years down the line, and we are still talking for hours on the phone. We will still share ourselves with each other, not hiding even the worst elements of our being. He and I will have an even stronger relationship. He will still be my cuddle monster, deepest confidant and most reliable friend.

By Day 211, I will be steps closer to my dreams and aspirations. My career, my interests, my love-life, my everything. So here’s a toast in advance: Cheers to all the ambitions, the challenges and the achievements that have brought me this far.


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