22 Days Later

22nd January, 2014. 22 days have already gone by. (What have I been doing so far? January’s already ending!)This year I did something I don’t really do. Nothing unique though! Just like everyone else, I made a few resolutions. 22 days later, I’m wondering whether I’m keeping up with them.

1. Read 50 books.

I love to read. There’s something refreshing about reading. You transport yourself into a different setting, into someone else’s life, into someone else’s thinking. It’s something you cannot get from a movie. I guess that’s because you actualise the images in your mind for yourself. It’s more engaging, and given that you give faces to the characters you read about, they become more personal to you. Reading a good book does wonders for my soul. By the end of the year I should have read 50 books, so far am reading my 3rd book. Yay!

2. Maintain my book review blog

I want to make blogging a hobby and a habit. So this year I thought I’d have fun reviewing books I have read. I can say I’ve had a good start. My blog is called I Thirst for a Read, and so far it has 11 followers. 🙂 It’s quite encouraging that a few people are interested. You can follow I Thirst for a Read too if you love books and would like to find a good read.

3. Podcast

I would like to pursue a career in the media industry, more specifically in radio. So this year I thought I’d consider trying to podcast. It would be the best way to gain some experience hosting a show. So far I’ve registered for an account with Beevocal. Haven’t posted anything yet though! :/

4. Exercise twice a week

This time, I’m sticking to it! It’s pretty obvious by now: exercise does a lot of good for the body, for the soul. I luckily got a Zumba DVD which makes exercising a lot easier and fun. I looooove to dance, and dance fitness is perfect for me. I can proudly say I’ve kept up this one so far. I exercise on Mondays and Thursdays. I need to get a gym subscription though.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

Wow! This is a working progress. I need to learn to eat more vegetable and fruits than I usually do. Damn, I have in no way actualised this, and I have no idea how I’ll get myself doing it. I love meat, and quite honestly, vegetables can be boring, and I never seem to have time to constantly fetch a fruit.

22 days later, and I’m NOWHERE near the end. I hope I can keep this up.


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