Saving Paulo by David J. Walker

saving paulo

Book Title: Saving Paulo (A Novel of Suspense)

Author: David J. Walker

Publisher: Five Star (ME)

ISBN: 1594146551 (ISBN13: 9781594146558)

Genre: Thriller

This would be the second time I’ve read this book. I decided to read it again because it was a marvellous read. I also gave it another go so that I can add it to my reviews.

Saving Paulo is the story about a boy who has faced numerous injustices that have damaged him both physically and psychologically. Charlie Long finds himself doing everything possible to save Paulo from an invincible force pushing people to hurt him. Along with Zorina and Maria, he goes through an experience he neither imagined nor anticipated.

Throughout the story we see or feel Charlie’s presence. He is the strongest character, who suddenly places helpless Paulo at the centre of his world. He was definitely my favourite character in the book. He has a big heart and greatly cares for people. He would do anything to help the defenceless, even put himself in harm’s way. For instance, he looses his job because he reproaches his boss for being an ass to his colleague.

Another thing that is obvious about Charlie is that he likes to be his own man, and he specifically does not like to be pushed by women. He the “nagging” characteristic of  his mother and his sister and he doesn’t like how Zorina constantly offers her guidance. I found this interesting because it is a typical characteristic of men in Kenya. (I don’t know if it’s generally around the world, what do you think?)

All in all, I did enjoy the book. Even though I couldn’t relate to the characters and their experiences, I still found it easy to follow through and it grasped my attention, both times! It most definitely is a good read.


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