What I’m Reading: Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

The Run-down: Prep is about the hopes, fears and experiences of a teenager in a prep school in Massachusetts and the world she longs to fit in. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld #Now #Reading

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Why I keep turning its pages: I’m reading this book because in one way or another it reminds me of my experiences as a teenager. As I began to read it, I feared it would be a shallow read, but at this point I’m finding it quite interesting. I can relate to some of the things the main character goes through. Don’t we love it when we can relate to one or two aspects of a story? I’m curious about the concluding thought though.

To Review or Not to Review: I will most likely review this book.

About the Author: Curtis Sittenfeld is a graduate of Stanford University and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. Other than Prep her best-selling novels include Sisterland, American Wife and The Man of My Dreams. Prep was Sittenfeld’s first published book and it received lots of appreciation from Book critics. Both Prep and American Wife were nominated UK’s Orange Prize.


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