Starting Over: Can I Do This?

I am afraid. Very afraid. Taking on a road never before charted can feel daunting. What if I’m horrible at it? What if nobody likes it? I quit on so many other things, what if I cannot see it through. So many what ifs. So many people have done it though… followed their passion, started…

I Will Not Feel Guilty About Being an Introvert

The life of an introvert! Sure feels complicated sometimes. When I was younger, I tried so hard to be someone I wasn’t. I would try and be loud because all the other kids were loud. It surprised me every single time someone said, “You’re so quiet!” because in my head, I thought I looked like…

What’s Your Worth? Really?

How much would you like us to pay you? For those of you in your twenties, don’t you hate this question? I have always had a problem answering this question. We put so much effort into building our skills, bettering ourselves so we can deserve a better life even a better paycheck… and when that…

I got my first dance gig on my own!

This has been interesting month for me… A lot of great things have happened for me that I am so grateful for. I’ll write a series because I’m not trying to write a 20 page composition here. I got my first dance gig on my own! When I say on my own, I mean I…

The journey continues

Originally posted on 90shadesofme:
I started my little blog a few weeks ago last year (I hope that makes sense). I had no idea where I was going with it. I just wanted to write. And so I did. I wrote every day for a week. I was scared. I had landed in Kenya with…

Rest In Peace, Natani

“By the way, have you heard? Natani is missing!” “Missing? What happened?” “He came to the office on Thursday, left at 10, then…” Something interrupted the conversation. I don’t remember what. We were in the middle of a meeting when Rachel started telling me what happened, but something interrupted. We went on with the meeting….

Podcast Spotlight – What Is True about Why We Work?

Food for Thought, Why do we work, Really? Is it because we have an innate need to do so? Or is the need to work a construct of our minds that does not really exist? What does it take to find purpose and meaning in what you do for a living? Do we always work…

A Little Bird In A Small World

I finally started painting again!! No words can describe how therapeutic it was! Note that this is an imitation of a painting I saw online. I hope to one day gain the confidence and skill to create something entirely on my own. But you know what they say… “Good artists copy… Great artists steal”. So let’s just say I’m a good artist… Not for long though!

DIY Fun – Cute Wall Hanging

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein LOL! As I was typing this Jason Mraz’ “I Won’t Give Up” came on and got me counter-productive. I just wanna stop and listen… Okay! The song’s over! So here we go… Here’s a fun DIY  project anyone can do! It’s a heart-shaped wall hanging I recently completed….

Time To Do This Right

For the 100th Time – I’m Blogging Again! I have chosen to revive my blog!! I know! I know! I’ve done this before… I said I’d do this, then went back on my word! I can’t even promise you that I’ll keep my word (I don’t owe you that much 😀 At least not yet!)….

Motivational Monday – Read To Know More

You’ve probably heard this a lot, which is why I won’t delve into it. The reminder wouldn’t hurt though… A book will teach you a lot and also take you to places you’ve never been.

A Quote a Day: Live Through Another’s Experience

First and foremost, MY APOLOGIES FOR THE SILENCE! (Okay, the caps was rude, but I really meant it for emphasis.) It has been too long! I had a creative block and just like most people tend to do I was getting comfortable with it! But here I am, once again. So, on with today’s quote……